Winter Weddings

Winter is a wonderful time of year to get married, wedding venues are often available, the atmosphere is lovely and more people will have time off during the winter to attend the wedding. It’s easier to set a theme for your wedding during winter, candles and fairy lights are often popular to create a warm winter atmosphere. However, some extra things need to be taken into consideration, for example, the time restrictions with daylight and cold temperatures. Some tips for winter weddings can come in useful to help the day run seamlessly, which is what I’ll be sharing with you today.

1) Having an earlier wedding ceremony is always a good idea at this time of year. 

With the days being so short and less light available having an earlier ceremony means having a little extra time for photographs etc. It’s the best option when having a wedding this time of year.
2) Time schedule on the morning of the wedding
This goes for every wedding but especially when the time is of the essence because of the lack of daylight! Make sure not to arrive late to the church as this really restricts the time you’ll have with your guests later on.

3) Greeting with guests when leaving the church

I know, I know you’ve heard me talking about this so many times but trust me, by not doing this you save yourself at least 30-40 minutes which is the entire amount of time needed to get your wedding photographs back at the hotel. If getting photographs outside is really important to you then a compromise needs to be made. However, if shaking hands is more important and you don’t mind having a small window of daylight then that’s fine too. I know for some people thanking their guests and shaking their hand on the way out of the church is a must because they feel its rude to just head off but the guests are happy with less waiting around and everyone will get to enjoy the reception for that bit longer. I’d really encourage engaged couples to consider this!

4) Don’t worry about the weather
We live in Ireland at the end of the day so we can never depend on dry weather so being prepared is always best. I would always suggest bringing umbrellas, even in the summer. Some people worry that they wont get the photographs they were hoping for but if the photographer knows the venue well you’ll get beautiful photos regardless of the weather.

5) Warm clothes for outside.
A very popular garment for the girls is a faux fur shrug for around their shoulders. This doesn’t have to be worn for all of the photographs but it does give that extra bit of heat when the temperatures are not being kind to us. I have seen these shrugs in high street stores and a lot of my own brides purchase them online.